Yondr Group Enters in to Joint Venture with Everstone Group for Data Center in India

Yondr Group Enters in to Joint Venture with Everstone Group for Data Center in India


3 year(s) ago

US Data Center Giant Yondr Group Enters Indian Market with $1 Billion Joint Venture. Yondr Group, a leading data center developer from the US, has partnered with Singapore-based investment firm Everstone Group to establish a significant presence in India. This joint venture, valued at over $1 billion, marks Yondr’s first foray into the Asian market. Yondr Group Enters in to Joint Venture with Everstone Group for Data Center in India.

Key Highlights:

  • The joint venture, named EverYondr, will focus on developing and operating hyperscale data centers across major Indian cities, including Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, and Delhi.
  • The initial project will be located in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region, offering 30MW of IT capacity by 2023 and expanding to 60MW upon completion.
  • Yondr brings its global expertise in data center development and operations, while Everstone contributes its strong execution capabilities in the Indian market, particularly through its real estate arm Indospace.

Benefits and Significance:

  • This collaboration aims to address the growing demand for data center capacity in India, driven by cloud adoption and digitalization.
  • EverYondr caters specifically to hyperscale data center needs, providing efficient solutions for large cloud providers and end users.
  • The joint venture offers a competitive advantage by combining Yondr’s technical experience with Everstone’s local market knowledge and development experience.

Industry Context:

  • Yondr’s entry into India reflects the increasing interest of international players in the country’s rapidly growing data center market.
  • This venture joins a wave of similar partnerships in 2021, with companies like Digital Realty and Iron Mountain also establishing a presence in India.

Future Outlook:

This strategic partnership strengthens Yondr’s global reach and positions Everstone as a key player in India’s data center development. The success of EverYondr’s initial project will likely pave the way for further expansion across other targeted Indian cities.

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