XRBIA Developers Plans to Sign 12 JV for Affordable Housing across India

XRBIA Developers Plans to Sign 12 JV for Affordable Housing across India


7 year(s) ago

XRBIA Developers Plans Major Expansion in Affordable Housing Market. XRBIA Developers, a leading affordable housing company, has ambitious plans for growth in the Indian and international markets. XRBIA Developers Plans to Sign 12 JV for Affordable Housing in PAN India.

Key Strategies:

  • Extensive Partnerships: XRBIA aims to establish 12 joint ventures across India in 2017, covering major property markets. The company is also exploring international partnerships with 6 potential partners in Dubai, Nigeria, and Kenya.
  • Focus on Local Expertise: Recognizing the importance of local knowledge, XRBIA will collaborate with local companies in each market, forming a total of 18 potential partnerships this year.
  • Investment & Equity: XRBIA will invest Rs 500 crore as equity capital in these ventures in 2017. The company’s ownership stake will range from 40% to 60% depending on the project.
  • Project Pipeline: These joint ventures are expected to deliver projects with a total saleable area of 18 million sq ft.
  • Target Market Expansion: XRBIA intends to enter new markets including Bangalore, Delhi-NCR, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bhubaneswar, and Kolkata within India this year.

Roles & Responsibilities in Partnerships:

  • Local Partners: Lead in land acquisition, project execution (including clearances and local ecosystem management).
  • XRBIA Developers: Provide expertise in strategy, project design, construction technology, sales & marketing (including e-commerce platform and CRM), and relationships with housing finance companies. XRBIA will also act as the co-brand or lead brand in the partnerships.

Project Details:

  • Focus: Affordable housing segment
  • Product: Apartments ranging from 250 to 600 sq ft carpet area
  • Project Size: Minimum 20-25 acres, with a preference for large townships of 100 acres each
  • Project Timeline: First project expected to launch between December 2017 and March 2018

Market Context:

This expansion strategy aligns with the recent Union Budget’s emphasis on affordable housing, including granting infrastructure status to the sector. This is expected to drive further growth in the affordable housing market, attracting more developers like XRBIA.

Overall Significance:

XRBIA’s aggressive expansion plans position them to be a major player in the affordable housing market across India and potentially in select international markets. Their partnership approach leverages local expertise while incorporating XRBIA’s strengths in design, technology, and market reach. This strategy holds promise for delivering a significant number of affordable housing units to meet the growing demand in India and potentially abroad.


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