UP RERA Tightens the Rule for RERA Registration of the Project

UP RERA Tightens the Rule for RERA Registration of the Project


4 month(s) ago

UP-RERA Tightens Regulations for Land Ownership and Promoter Consent. The Uttar Pradesh Real Estate Regulatory Authority (UP-RERA) has issued new guidelines to protect homebuyers and ensure transparency in real estate projects.

Here’s a breakdown:

  • Land Title and Owner Consent:

    • Promoters must now possess legal title to the land on which they plan to build a project.
    • If the land belongs to someone else, the promoter needs written consent from the owner for development and a registered joint development agreement (JDA).
  • Disclosure of Encumbrances:

    • Promoters are required to submit an affidavit declaring the project land free from encumbrances (restrictions on ownership).
    • Any existing encumbrances must be disclosed.
  • Protecting Buyer Rights:

    • These regulations ensure promoters can legally transfer ownership rights (with proportionate land share) to buyers upon project completion.
  • Clearer Project Registration Process:

    • UP-RERA previously directed using the same project name across all documentation (local authority maps, RERA registration).

These stricter guidelines aim to address situations where:

  • A promoter lacks legal ownership of the project land.
  • A promoter doesn’t have the landowner’s consent or a registered JDA.

In such cases, UP-RERA would struggle to approve project registrations and promoters might be unable to fulfill ownership transfer obligations to buyers.

Overall, these measures by UP-RERA promote a more transparent and secure real estate environment in Uttar Pradesh.

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