Tata Housing inks 20 acre Joint Venture Deal in Sector 150, Noida

Tata Housing inks 20 acre Joint Venture Deal in Sector 150, Noida


8 year(s) ago

Tata Housing Enters Noida Market in Partnership with Lotus Greens. Tata Housing, the real estate arm of the Tata Group, is expanding its presence in the National Capital Region (NCR) by entering the Noida market. Tata Housing signed 20 acre Joint Venture Deal in Sector 150, Noida with Lotus Green Builder to develop a residential project in Noida.

Key Points:

  • Partnership: Tata Housing has partnered with local builder Lotus Greens for a new residential project.
  • Project Location: Sector 150, Noida (20 acres)
  • Project Details:
    • Developed by Tata Value Homes (a subsidiary of Tata Housing)
    • Expected to offer 2-3 bedroom apartments with smart home features
    • Launch date, number of units, and pricing details yet to be finalized
  • Market Context:
    • This follows Godrej Properties’ similar entry into Noida in January 2016 with a 36-acre project in partnership with Lotus Greens.
    • Noida has become a major real estate destination in the past decade.
    • Many developers are entering into joint ventures due to rising land prices.

Additional Information:

  • Tata Housing currently has four housing projects in Gurgaon.
  • The company caters to various consumer segments with projects ranging from Rs 5 lakh to Rs 14 crore.
  • This project aligns with Tata Housing’s strategy of partnering with local developers (70-75% of their portfolio).

This news signifies Tata Housing’s strategic move to tap into the growing Noida market. The partnership with Lotus Greens leverages their local expertise, and the expected smart home features cater to modern preferences.


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