Tamil Nadu Housing Board will do Joint Venture in Coimbatore, TamilNadu

Tamil Nadu Housing Board will do Joint Venture in Coimbatore, TamilNadu


2 year(s) ago

Tamil Nadu to Build New Homes Through Public-Private Partnerships. The Housing and Urban Development Department of Tamil Nadu has announced plans to construct new housing units across the state. Tamil Nadu Housing Board will do the Joint Venture in Coimbatore and other places to build houses.

  • Key Points:

    • Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model: The department will collaborate with private developers for construction projects.
    • Initial Locations: 12 locations across the state are being considered.
    • Pilot Project: A project to build 960 flats in Coimbatore will be the first under this model.
    • Redevelopment of Existing Units: The pilot project will replace old and damaged units in Singanallur, Coimbatore.
    • Construction Method: Mivan technology, a fast and durable method using aluminum formwork, will be used.
    • Project Timeline: Completion within two years.
    • Developer Incentive: Private developers will receive a portion of the new flats in exchange for their construction services.
    • Expected Lifespan: At least 80 years.
    • Future Projects: Six similar redevelopment projects for TNHB societies in other locations are under discussion.
  • Benefits:

    • Faster construction times compared to traditional methods.
    • Durable and long-lasting housing units.
    • Improved living conditions for residents in existing developments.
    • Potential for wider application of the PPP model for future housing projects.

Overall, this initiative signifies the Tamil Nadu government’s commitment to address housing needs through public-private partnerships and innovative construction methods.

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