Sunteck Realty inks 50 acre JV Deal in Shahad, Kalyan with Amar Dye Chem

Sunteck Realty inks 50 acre JV Deal in Shahad, Kalyan with Amar Dye Chem


3 year(s) ago

Sunteck Realty Expands Eastward with Luxury Township Project in Kalyan. Sunteck Realty announced plans for a new luxury residential project in Mumbai’s eastern suburbs. Sunteck Realty inks 50-acre JV Deal in Shahad, Kalyan, mumbai with Amar Dye Chem

Project Details:

  • Location: Shahad (Kalyan), Mumbai
  • Land Area: Approximately 50 acres
  • Development Model: Asset Light Joint Development Agreement (JDA) with Amar Dye Chem Ltd
  • Project Type: Integrated residential township
  • Estimated Development Potential: 10 million sq ft
  • Projected Revenue: Rs 9,000 crore over 7-8 years


  • This project marks Sunteck Realty’s entry into the eastern suburbs of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR), complementing their existing portfolio in the western suburbs.
  • The large-scale development strengthens Sunteck’s presence in the MMR and is expected to generate significant revenue over the coming years.
  • Kamal Khetan, Chairman of Sunteck Realty, highlights the project as an example of the company’s strategic expansion during market consolidation.

Additional Information:

  • This is Sunteck Realty’s fourth project acquisition since the COVID-19 pandemic, following projects in Vasai, Vasind, and Borivali.

This announcement signals Sunteck Realty’s growing confidence in the Mumbai real estate market and their commitment to offering high-end residential developments across various locations.

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