Signature Global Announces Expansion Plans by Signing Joint Venture Deal in Gurugram

Signature Global Announces Expansion Plans by Signing Joint Venture Deal in Gurugram


5 month(s) ago

Signature Global Announces Expansion Plans in Gurugram Through Joint Ventures. Signature Global, a leading real estate developer in the Delhi-NCR region, has announced a significant expansion plan in Gurugram through strategic partnerships with landowners. Signature Global has signed an approx 21 acre Joint Venture Deal in Gurugram in sector 71 Gurugram with 3 owners.

Key Details:

  • Project Value: Over Rs 5,000 crore in potential revenue
  • Land Acquisition: Three separate Joint Development Agreements (JDAs) for a total of 21.38 acres
  • Project Type: Residential developments
  • Developable Area: 32 lakh square feet
  • Project Timeline: Launch within 12-24 months

Partnership and Project Scope:

  • Signature Global has partnered with private entities to develop housing projects on the acquired land parcels.
  • The largest JDA involves a 16.12-acre plot with a potential development area of 25 lakh sq ft.
  • The other two JDAs encompass 4.26 acres and 1 acre, offering development potential of 5.3 lakh sq ft and 1.9 lakh sq ft respectively.
  • All land parcels are located in Sector 71, Gurugram, and strategically positioned near existing Signature Global projects.

Market Context:

  • Signature Global cites rising housing demand in major cities as a key driver for this expansion strategy.
  • The company’s focus on mid-income and affordable housing segments aligns well with current market trends.

Signature Global’s Performance:

  • The company recently reported a net profit for the quarter ending December 2023, signifying a positive financial turnaround.
  • They’ve achieved a 47% year-on-year growth in sales bookings during the third quarter.
  • Signature Global remains a prominent player in the Delhi-NCR region, boasting a strong portfolio of ongoing and upcoming projects.

Overall Significance:

This expansion marks a strategic move by Signature Global to capitalize on the growing housing demand in Gurugram. By partnering with landowners, they gain access to valuable land parcels while optimizing development costs. This project is expected to further strengthen Signature Global’s position in the NCR’s real estate market.


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