Prestige Estates and Century Group Signs Joint Venture Deal for Bengaluru Office Park

Prestige Estates and Century Group Signs Joint Venture Deal for Bengaluru Office Park


3 year(s) ago

Prestige Estates and Century Group Partner for Bengaluru Office Park Project. Prestige Estates, a leading real estate developer in India, has signed a Joint Venture Deal with Century Group to develop a new office park in Bengaluru.

  • Project Details:

    • Location: Bengaluru, India
    • Size: Approximately 2.5 million sq ft of office space
    • Estimated Construction Cost: Rs 900 crore (funded through equity and debt)
    • Completion Timeline: Within 3 years
    • Prestige Group’s Stake in Land: Acquired stakes in Century Megacity (45%) and Century Landmark (55%)
  • Project Significance:

    • Strengthens Prestige Group’s position in the Bengaluru office space market.
    • Contributes to the development of modern office infrastructure in the city.
  • Additional Information:

    • This venture follows Prestige Estates’ recent partnership with Brigade Group for a commercial project in Chennai.
    • The company is focused on developing “future-proof” office spaces with a focus on user experience.

Overall, this joint venture highlights Prestige Estates’ continued investment in the Indian office space market and their commitment to creating high-quality work environments.

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