Piramal Realty Signs 4 acres JV Deals in Mahim with Omkar Realtors

Piramal Realty Signs 4 acres JV Deals in Mahim with Omkar Realtors


5 year(s) ago

Piramal Realty Announces Second Major Project in Mumbai with Mahim Development. Piramal Realty, a leading real estate developer, has announced its second joint venture with Omkar Realtors this week. This project will bring high-end residential living to Mahim, a prime location in Mumbai. Piramal Realty Signs 4 acres JV Deals in Mahim with Omkar Realtors

Project Highlights:

  • Size: 2.2 million sq ft spread across 4 acres
  • Investment: Rs 3,000 crores over the next few years
  • Location Advantage:
    • Close proximity to Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC), Mumbai’s premier business district
    • Picturesque views of the sea, mangroves, and open spaces
  • Largest Development in Mahim/BKC Area: This project is poised to become the most significant residential development in the Mahim and BKC vicinity.

Statement from Anand Piramal, Founder, Piramal Realty:

  • Emphasizes the project’s prime location near the sea link and BKC, which is transforming into a cultural hub.
  • Views the current market conditions as favorable for established developers with strong reputations to consolidate their presence.
  • Highlights Piramal Realty’s position as the second-largest developer in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) by sales in the last fiscal year.

Market Context:

  • Piramal Realty acknowledges the challenging real estate market but sees it as an opportunity to offer value to customers.
  • The company’s strong track record and financial stability position them well for further growth through consolidation.

Overall Significance:

This announcement signifies Piramal Realty’s continued expansion in Mumbai’s premium residential market. The Mahim project, coupled with their recent collaboration in Mahalaxmi, demonstrates their strategic focus on acquiring prime land and developing high-quality living spaces


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