Omkar and L&T Realty Forge Joint Development in Parel Mumbai

Omkar and L&T Realty Forge Joint Development in Parel Mumbai


6 year(s) ago

Omkar and L&T Realty Forge Partnership for Crescent Bay, a Luxurious Development in Mumbai’s Parel. Leading real estate developers Omkar Realtors and L&T Realty have joined forces to create Crescent Bay, a prestigious residential project situated in Parel, a central Mumbai district. Omkar Realtor and L&T Realty have signed a Joint Venture agreement in Parel Mumbai to develop the Crescent Bay Project.

A Collaboration of Expertise:

This joint venture brings together Omkar’s extensive experience in slum rehabilitation projects and L&T Realty’s proven track record in construction and development. This powerful combination promises to deliver a high-quality living experience within Crescent Bay.

Project Highlights:

  • Location: Parel, Mumbai (offering a central yet tranquil setting)
  • Project Type: Gated residential complex
  • Target Market: Upscale residents seeking a luxurious lifestyle
  • Partnership:
    • Omkar Realtors: Leverages their expertise in slum rehabilitation for the project’s foundation.
    • L&T Realty: Contributes their construction and development capabilities to bring Crescent Bay to life.

Envisioning Crescent Bay:

While specific details about the project’s design and amenities haven’t been officially released, Crescent Bay is anticipated to feature:

  • Modern and architecturally significant residential towers
  • A variety of apartment configurations, potentially including 2, 3, and 4-bedroom options
  • Lush green spaces and recreational facilities, creating a serene environment within the bustling city

A Flourishing Area:

Crescent Bay’s location in Parel offers residents convenient access to various amenities and attractions. The project is expected to benefit from the ongoing development of the Parel area, which is transforming into a vibrant commercial and residential hub.


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