My Home Group Signed Joint Development Deal in Hyderabad with RMZ Corp

My Home Group Signed Joint Development Deal in Hyderabad with RMZ Corp


7 year(s) ago

Hyderabad to Get Massive New Office Space Project in Joint Venture. Realty giants RMZ Corp and My Home Group have joined forces to develop a massive commercial office space project in Hyderabad. My Home Group Signed a Joint Development Deal in Hyderabad with RMZ Corp to create an Office Space Project.

Project Highlights:

  • Investment: Over USD 1 billion
  • Total Area: 10 million sq ft
  • Joint Venture: 50:50 partnership between RMZ Corp and My Home Group
  • Project Name: Skyview (first phase)
  • Phase 1 Area: 3.5 million sq ft
  • Location: Hitech City, Hyderabad
  • Target Completion: December 2018 (Phase 1)

Project Significance:

  • This project is touted as the largest office space development in India currently.
  • It marks a strategic collaboration between a leading office space developer (RMZ Corp) and a prominent Hyderabad-based builder (My Home Group).
  • The project is expected to boost Hyderabad’s position as a major IT and business hub.

Additional Information:

  • The first phase of the project, called Skyview, is nearing completion and will be launched by December 2018.
  • Specific details about the remaining phases are yet to be revealed.

This joint venture signifies a significant development in Hyderabad’s real estate market. The large-scale office space project is likely to attract major companies and further solidify the city’s position as a key commercial center.


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