Mittal Realty and Painterior inks JV Deal for Affordable Housing in Mumbai’s Outskirts

Mittal Realty and Painterior inks JV Deal for Affordable Housing in Mumbai’s Outskirts


5 year(s) ago

Mittal Realty and Painterior Join Forces for Affordable Housing in Mumbai’s Outskirts. Real estate giant Mittal Group’s Mittal Realty has announced a joint venture with Painterior (India) LLP to develop quality, compact homes on the outskirts of Mumbai. Mittal Realty and Painterior inks JV Deal for Affordable Housing in Mumbai’s Outskirts

Project Goals:

  • Rejuvenate Mumbai’s extended boundaries (Shahpur, Atgaon, Khardi) with modern residential developments.
  • Provide state-of-the-art amenities within these developments.

Project Advantages:

  • Strategic Location: The upcoming Thansit railway station on the central line is expected to boost employment and property values in these areas.
  • Focus on Compact Homes: Caters to the growing demand for affordable housing options in Mumbai.
  • Quality & Efficiency: Mittal’s experience in construction and Painterior’s expertise in renovation and cost management will ensure high-quality projects with cost-saving measures.

Company Statements:

  • Prateek Mittal, Director, Mittal Builders: Emphasized Painterior’s expertise and Mittal’s long-standing experience (since 1952) in delivering quality projects on time.
  • Rehan Merchant, Partner, Painterior: Highlighted their 35 years of experience and commitment to quality construction with cost-effective solutions.

About Mittal Group:

  • Renowned real estate developer with a presence in major Indian cities (Mumbai, Thane, Pune, etc.).
  • Over six decades of experience with a vast portfolio of residential, commercial, and industrial projects.
  • Strong reputation for quality, reliability, and social responsibility.

About Painnterior (India) LLP:

  • A 35-year-old Mumbai-based firm specializing in building repair and rehabilitation, painting, and waterproofing treatments.
  • Recognized for their commitment to quality and professionalism in the construction sector.


This joint venture signifies a strategic move to address the growing demand for affordable housing in Mumbai. By leveraging their combined expertise, Mittal Realty and Painterior aim to deliver high-quality, compact living spaces in developing areas, making homeownership more accessible for many.

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