Hines Signs Joint Venture Deal in Kharadi Pune with Goel Ganga Corporation

Hines Signs Joint Venture Deal in Kharadi Pune with Goel Ganga Corporation


3 year(s) ago

Hines and Goel Ganga Partner for Premium Office Development in Pune. Global real estate investor Hines has joined forces with Pune-based developer Goel Ganga Corporation to develop a high-end office complex in Kharadi, Pune. Hines has signed Joint Venture deal in Kharadi Pune with Goel Ganga Corporation to develop high-end office complex.

  • Project Highlights:

    • Size: 2.4 million sq ft of Grade A office space
    • Estimated Cost: Rs 1,200 crore
    • Completion Timeline: 4 years
    • Development Model: Development Management Fee for Hines
    • Location: Kharadi (SBD East sub-market) – prime location with high occupancy rates
  • Significance:

    • Marks Hines’ entry into the Pune market.
    • Strengthens Goel Ganga Corporation’s portfolio.
    • Potential for future collaboration on the remaining land parcel (43 acres).
  • Additional Details:

    • Hines has previously invested over USD 400 million in India across major cities.
    • Goel Ganga Corporation is a leading Pune developer with a 4-decade track record.
    • The project will leverage Hines’ global network to attract potential clients.

Overall, this venture positions Hines for further expansion in India and caters to the growing demand for premium office space in Pune.

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