Birla Estates Enters in to 13 acre Joint Venture Deal in Gurugram with Barmalt India

Birla Estates Enters in to 13 acre Joint Venture Deal in Gurugram with Barmalt India


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Birla Estates Announces ₹5,000 Crore Luxury Housing Project in Gurugram. Birla Estates, the real estate arm of Aditya Birla Group, is expanding its presence in the Delhi-NCR region through a Joint Venture with a new luxury housing project in Gurugram. Birla Estate’s inks pact for Joint Venture in Gurugram with Barmalt India for 13-acre land in sector 31, Gurugram, NCR, Delhi.

Project Highlights:

  • Joint Venture: Developed in partnership with Barmalt India.
  • Location: Upscale micro market in Gurugram (Sector 31).
  • Land Area: 13.27 acres.
  • Development Potential: 2.4 million square feet.
  • Revenue Potential: ₹5,000 crore.
  • Connectivity: Excellent access to Cyber City, Golf Course Road, Sohna Road, and metro line.
  • Proximity: Close to commercial hubs, premium residences, schools, hospitals, and 5-star hotels.

Birla Estates’ Growth:

  • This project marks Birla Estates’ further expansion in NCR, adding to its existing presence.
  • The company has ongoing projects across Mumbai, Bengaluru, NCR, and Pune.
  • Birla Estates’ current development portfolio boasts a revenue potential of over ₹45,000 crore spread across 24.4 million square feet.

Overall Significance:

This new luxury housing project signifies Birla Estates’ commitment to developing high-end residential spaces in key Indian cities. Its strategic location and proximity to amenities position the project to attract significant investor interest.


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