ATS Group and Logix Group Signs Joint Venture Deal in Sector 124 Noida

ATS Group and Logix Group Signs Joint Venture Deal in Sector 124 Noida


8 year(s) ago

ATS and Logix Group Partner for Mixed-Use Project in Noida. Real estate developers ATS Infrastructure and Logix Group have joined forces to develop a new mixed-use project in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. ATS Group and Logix Group Sign Mixed-Use Project Joint Venture Deal in Sector 124 Noida on 12-acre land with the potential of 200 high-end apartments and 2 million sq. ft of Office and Retail Space in Noida.

Project Details:

  • Partnership: ATS Infrastructure (construction & marketing) and Logix Group (land contribution)
  • Location: Sector 124, Noida
  • Land Area: 12 acres
  • Project Type: Mixed-use development
  • Components:
    • Approximately 200 high-end apartments
    • Around 2 million sq ft of office and retail space

Market Context:

  • Rising land prices are prompting collaborations between developers and landowners.


  • This project adds to ATS’s portfolio of residential and commercial developments in North India.
  • Logix Group leverages their land ownership for this joint venture.

Additional Information:

  • ATS Infrastructure is active in Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, and Punjab.
  • Logix Group has experience in IT facilities, housing projects, and plotted developments.


This news highlights a trend in the Noida real estate market where developers are partnering to address rising land costs. The project offers a combination of high-end apartments, office space, and retail, catering to a variety of needs within the Noida community.


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