Download Rajasthan Building Bylaws 2024 Draft

UDH Ministry Rajasthan has launched the Draft of Rajasthan Building Bylaws 2024 for the Public to invite suggestions. Here you can download the Rajasthan Building Bylaws 2024 draft copy.

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Download Rajasthan Township Policy 2024

The Rajasthan government has announced revisions to the Rajasthan Township Policy 2024. UDH Ministry has made significant changes in the Rajasthan Township policy 2024. Here you can download the new Township policy of Rajasthan.

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Download TriPartite Joint Development Agreement Template

A tri-party joint development agreement (JDA) is a legal document outlining the collaboration between three different parties for the development of a real estate project. It defines the roles, responsibilities, and rights of each party involved.

Download the format of tripartite agreements for Joint Development Agreements, between land owner, builder and investor. 

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Download Draft Tri Party Joint Venture Agreement Sample in Hindi

Generally, tripartite agreements happen in Joint Venture when three parties are involved in the deal, for example, The three parties in a tripartite agreement are – The Land Owner, The lender/Investor, and the property developer.

Overall, a tri-party joint development agreement is a valuable tool for complex projects when multiple parties are involved. It ensures clarity, reduces risks, and facilitates successful collaboration.

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Download Joint Venture Agreement for Agriculture Land In Hindi

Are you planning to do a Joint Venture Deal for agricultural land then you are going to need a Joint Development Agreement or Joint Venture Agreement for agricultural land because dealing in agricultural land is tough.

Need a Joint Development/ Joint Venture Agreement in Hindi? Download a FREE Sample! Secure your real estate Joint Venture deal with our downloadable Joint Development Agreement template in word format.

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Download Draft of Joint Development Agreement(JDA) Format

The Joint Development Agreement is the key backbone for any Joint Development / Joint Venture Deal. Here You can download a draft of the Joint Development Agreement Template between the Landowner and developer and edit it as per your need.

Need a Joint Development Agreement template? Download our FREE draft to get started on your real estate project collaboration!

Draft a Clear & Effective Joint Venture. Download Our Free JDA Template.


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Download Joint Development Agreement in Hindi for Row Housing Project

Need a Joint Development Agreement in Hindi? Download a FREE Sample! Secure your real estate Joint Venture deal with our downloadable Joint Development Agreement template in word format. Easy to Use. Get yours now!

This document is a joint development agreement between several landowners (“OWNERS”) and a developer (“DEVELOPER”) to develop a property.

संयुक्त उद्यम समझौते का निःशुल्क टेम्पलेट डाउनलोड करें हिंदी में!

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Download Draft Joint Venture Agreement Template in Hindi

Drafting a Joint Venture Agreement in Hindi can be tricky, so here you can Download a Draft of a Joint Venture Agreement in Hindi. This Sample Development Agreement format is as per RERA.

This document is a Joint Venture Agreement between two parties to develop residential property on plot

Free Download Joint Venture Agreement Template in Hindi. Development Agreement format under RERA

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General Construction Material list for Small JV Project

While doing a JV Project, when you execute a Joint Development Agreement with a Developer, you should add the Construction specifications and material Sheet, including the brands. There are many types of specifications in construction. Construction specifications are critical to project planning.

This is a step-by-step construction specification, providing details on materials, you can add more materials, you will get brief idea from this list. This list is specifically is for small Joint Venture Deals.

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Premium Feature and Specification sheet for Construction Material in Joint Venture Project

While Doing a Joint Venture Project with a Developer, one of the key elements is the Construction Material Specification Sheet and Premium Features in the Project, based on that the project cost will arrive and the selling price also depends on that.

Here we are sharing the Premium Feature and Specification sheet for Construction Material for Joint Venture Project, you can take a brief idea from this sheet and arrive at the result about the construction cost.


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Download Power of Attorney (POA)/ मुख्तारनामा Format in Hindi for Joint Venture

Download Power of Attorney (POA) Format in Hindi for Joint Venture. Download मुख्तारनामा Format in Hindi for Joint Venture agreement. The Format of Joint Venture POA/मुख्तारनामा  empowers designated individuals to handle approvals and decisions, accelerating project timelines for a smoother partnership.

Under the Joint Venture agreement, the land owners shall execute a Registered Irrevocable Power of attorney to the builder to develop the property.

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Download Format of Power of Attorney (POA) for Joint Development Agreement

The power of Attorney format for Joint Development Agreement Streamlines Approvals clarifies decision-making for faster project progress. Power of Attorney for the development of the property is executed by landowners in favour of the developer in the Joint Venture Project.

A Power of Attorney (POA) can be crucial in a joint development agreement. It grants one party the legal authority to act on behalf of the other for specific tasks related to the project, streamlining decision-making and expediting the development process.

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Download Sample Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for Joint Venture Agreement

An MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) between land owner and developer might not be legally binding, but it’s a vital first step for any real estate joint venture. It clarifies your goals, outlines responsibilities, and ensures everyone’s on the same page before diving into a formal joint venture agreement.

Download Sample MOU template for Joint Venture Deal. This Sample MOU for Land development will help you shape your JV Deal.


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Download Sample Joint Venture Agreement in Hindi for Small JV

Are you planning to do a real estate Joint venture Deal? Then A joint venture agreement is the most crucial part of the Deal! It maps out roles, responsibilities, and profit-sharing for a smooth partnership.

Download Sample Joint Venture Agreement Template in Hindi for Small Joint Venture Deal. This joint venture agreement format will help you in shaping your JV Deal.


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Download Term Sheet for Joint Development Agreement Format

The term sheet for the Joint Development Agreement is the foundation of a successful real estate joint venture deal. It outlines key terms like investment, ownership, and profit sharing, paving the way for a formal joint venture agreement..

The use of a term sheet in Joint Development Deals allows the developer and land owner for key issues to be addressed immediately and to avoid wasting time and money if the parties are unable to agree on one or more fundamental issues which arise after the deal and before signing the joint development agreement.

Negotiation of a Joint Venture Deal through a term sheet usually allows for parties to prepare formal JV agreements more quickly and efficiently. JV Term Sheet is a good idea to start a JV discussion with a term sheet that memorializes the parties’ understanding of how key issues will be handled in the JV agreement.




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Download Term Sheet for Joint Venture Format 2

Finalizing a Real Estate Joint Venture Term Sheet for a Joint Venture deal is the key element because based on that all terms will be finalized and it will be the 1st document for the new beginning based on this term sheet for JV deals, the joint venture agreement will be done.

This term sheet template for Joint Venture summarizes the principal terms of a real estate joint venture transaction between the land owner and a real estate developer. A formal term sheet for a real estate joint development will be formed to keep the terms intact if legal things get delayed due to unwanted reasons.

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Supreme Court Judgement Copy for GST on Joint Development Agreements

Supreme Court Considers GST Applicability on Transfer of Development Rights in Real Estate Joint Venture/ JV.  The Supreme Court of India is examining a petition challenging the Goods and Services Tax (GST) levied on the transfer of development rights within joint development agreements (JDAs) in the real estate sector. This case has significant implications for developers and landowners nationwide.

The Supreme Court has issued notices to the Union government, GST Council, and Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) to respond to the petition.

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JV/ Joint Venture Discussion Point Parameters Sheet

While doing Real Estate Joint Venture Deals / JV Deals there are many points that you need to discuss so, here we have prepared discussion points for Joint Venture Deals/ JV Deals which you need to discuss with a land owner or a developer while doing a joint venture deal.
You can call this Toolkit for Real Estate Joint Venture Deals / JV Deals or you can call cheat sheet for Joint Venture Deals.

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