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Unlock the true potential of your land with our seasoned real estate JV experts as we guide you through every step of converting your land into a distinguished landmark.

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We connect landowners with the perfect builders for their projects and vice versa We guide you through the entire process, from developer selection and initial meetings to contract negotiation. We simplify the process, saving your time and efforts and give you peace of mind. Tired of contacting countless developers & land owners? Embark on your transformative journey today. Schedule a consultation or visit our website to learn more.


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Why JVDeals?


Tie-up with Established & Upcoming Brands

JVDeals has tie-ups with most of the established and new real estate developers. You don’t need to call each and every developers and real estate agents.


Expertise in the field of Real Estate Joint Venture

JVDeals is solely working in the field of real estate joint venture since 2015 so we have expertise in that. So why go to anyone else when you have expert advisors in this field, helping you to get a better and smooth deal.


Creating opportunities for lucrative returns

Our alliance would bring together your land equity and developer’s brand equity, which in turn will ensure you a premium value for your built-up area as compared to the prevailing market prices.


Process Driven Company

As a process-driven company, JVDeals prioritizes structured approaches and systematic methodologies to ensure efficient and effective execution of joint ventures for both land owners and developers.

One Yard, One Tree !

One Yard, One Tree One Yard, One Tree One Yard, One tree is initiative by JVDeals to make environment more greener. It aims to increase the green cover by planting one tree for every Sq.yrd of land is executed in Joint Venture/ JV by the JVDeals. JVDeals is starting this initiative from 2024. JVDeals is calling all the land Owner, Real Estate Developers to Join Hands for this initiative so we can grow more n more trees. Under the initiative, JVDeals will plants trees in designated areas across the city, such as parks, gardens, and roadsides, barren land. The company also works with NGOs and other organizations to promote tree planting and environmental awareness. The JVDeals plans to plant over 100,000 trees through the One Yard, One Tree initiative by financial year 2024. The initiative is launched in March, 2024 with the aim of contributing to environmental sustainability and offsetting the carbon footprint of the real estate industry. With your…

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A Real estate Joint Venture (JV) deal is a business arrangement where two parties collaborate to undertake a specific project or venture.Where landowner shares the land and developer shares his expertise and value in construction and marketing of the real estate project.

Before start talking to builder or finding the builder we need to understand your requirement and we do the market survey and feasibility according to that we shortlist few developers, then we recommend these builders to you with their profile, so it makes easier for you to finalize the builder for joint venture deal.

Shortlisting and finalizing the Builder for your real estate joint venture project is the most important part of the deal as per our understanding, because everything depends on the developer. Before shortlisting real estate developers for your deal we understand your exact requirement, your mindset and according to that we check the developers on few criterias and then we shortlist them.

As a real estate developer we can help you in finding and closing the deals as per your requirement, if you fit in our criteria. If you want to enter in a new territory or in new segment then we can help you out in this.

Our expertise in real estate joint venture/JV with vast knowledge of legal, land laws, taxation helps us in ensuring the fair and transparent process for both land owners and builders.

Joint Venture deals offer several advantages for land owners like monetary enhancement of the land, retaining inheritance sentiment, and for real estate developers it gives them financial freedom in terms of liquidity, expanding market reach or entering new market.

Generally it depends on the land size and location and land value. Generally it varies from 150 % to 400 %.

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